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Punk neoliberalism

Néolibéralisme Punk les procédures désenchantées

Artist’s edition edited in seven copies, signed and numbered, 450 pages, 2010.

This comic is structured by chapters created during three years. The project was motivated by the intervention in the field of the graphic narration within the sight and the discourse of an artist. This has to be considered as an aim to provoke a critical lecture upon the world’s actuality. This comic interrogates the issue of expressionism as an operating mode for the artistic expression and formulation. As a matter of fact, the interiority is expressed in the writings and clarifies itself in the langage, the narration and the action then become with the double discourse, the criticism and at the same time the distanced exposition of the real.

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Artist’s edition edited in three copies, signed and numbered, 162 pages, 2010.

At last, the end of the world happens, all ennemis declare their aim to reach the final domination upon earth : reptiliens, revolutionary people, pyramydoïds and contesting people. Will that stop the scenario or finally our old world will reach its end after the exploitation by the intelligence ?

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